How Barrel Global Works

Discover The Simple Process To Purchasing Your Own Whiskey Barrel


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Barrel Global is currently granting access to new users on a first-come first-serve basis. In order to view barrel availability you'll need to schedule a call with our experts.



Barrel Reservation

The ownership process starts by requesting a barrel reservation from within the Barrel Global application. With highly limited supplies and large demand, these reservations are often allocated quickly for popular distilleries.

Payment & Transfer

After receiving payment for the barrel reservation ownership documents are issued to the buyer. The ownership certificate provides legal documentation conveying full barrel rights to the purchaser.



Secure Storage

All purchased barrels are stored in a secure warehouse at the distillery or an approved third party facility. In order to comply with legal requirements, full barrels cannot be transported outside of an approved warehouse until they are bottled.

Visitation & Sampling

Many of our distillery and warehousing partners offer the opportunity to visit your barrel in person if you so choose. In addition, most barrels allow for samples to be pulled and shipped for a nominal fee.



Trading & Resale

At any time you can list your barrel for resale within the Barrel Global marketplace. This allows you to trade the barrels you own for others that you prefer, or sell your collection for cash if you so choose.


Owning a barrel puts you in control of when it will take its final form as bottles. Barrel Global will help facilitate the design, packaging and legally compliant shipping of bottles. For buyers looking to sell bottles commercially, Barrel Global helps with obtaining a COLA and complying with the 3-tier system.