Spotlight on....Bardstown Bourbon Co.

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In a new series of articles, we take a closer look at the distilleries we work with, from their location to acknowledging the awards they have received for their products.

To kick off this series, we bring you ‘Bardstown Bourbon Company.’


As you would expect, the distillery and main visitor centre are located in Kentucky, just east of Bardstown centre itself (off the Bluegrass Parkway) and approximately an hour's drive southeast of central Louisville.

The main complex is a destination on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and combines distilling/production with an exceptional culinary and beverage experience.

In 2023, the company opened the ‘Louisville Tasting Room', located in Louisville on the world-famous Whiskey Row (West Main Street). Here, you can sip cocktails, have a tasting experience, and learn more about the company.

The Range:

Bardstown has created a range of products that will certainly have something for everyone. The five main ranges are:

Origin Series: showcasing both tradition and innovation in bourbon production.

Discovery Series: demonstrating the art of blending.

Collaboration Series: exploring the process of “finishing” * bourbon in barrels that have been used for other alcoholic drinks. This range included finishing bourbon in Armagnac, cognac, stout, red wine and sherry barrels.

(*finishing is a term used when a spirit matured in one barrel, is transferred into a non-whiskey barrel to impart further flavor influence from the second barrel. The period of time for finishing can range from weeks to months and even years, depending on what the distiller/blender wishes to achieve. The percentage of time in the finishing barrel is generally much smaller than the time the liquid spent in its first barrel. Example: 4 yrs. in the first barrel, and finished for 6 months in red win barrel)

Distillery Collection: this series of bourbons is a collaborative range that includes working with the podcast “Bourbon Pursuit” and PowersCourt Distillery in Wicklow, Ireland.

Fusion Series: this exciting series highlights blending newer and older bourbons. The younger bourbons used are Bardstown products, and the older is a combination of Bardstown and specially selected guest bourbons.

(Further detailed information of all these ranges can be found on the Bardstown Bourbon Company website, which has a link at the end of this article.)

The techy section:


5 grain silos with a storage capacity of 16,500 bushels.

3 milled grain scale bins

11 grain varieties processed on site.


The distillery has the capability to produce over 50 different mash-bills.


Each cooker can hold 12,500 gallons of mash-bill recipe.


32 x fermenters of 13, 542 gallons each

72 hrs fermentation time


6 x Rickhouses on site; the largest can hold up to 58,800 barrels.

Rickhouses are non-climate controlled, meaning mother nature can fully affect the barrels while in storage.

Angel’s share:

The average barrel age in storage is 4-6 years. In the first year, a 10% loss of liquid (evaporation) is expected, with a 4% loss each year thereafter.

An award-winning distillery:

Bardstown Bourbon Company is being recognised globally for its spirit.

Recent awards include:

2023 – IWSC* – Worldwide producer of the year

2023 – IWSC – Worldwide top-rated 98pts

2022 – San Fransisco World Spirits Competition – Double Gold

2021 – San Fransisco World Spirits Competition – Best of Class

(*IWSC – International Wine and Spirit Competition)

As you can see, Bardstown Bourbon Co. is making waves in the bourbon category. Their great range and ethos, "NEVER STAND STILL," certainly show us that they will continue to innovate and create great spirit.

You can take a virtual tour of the distillery by clicking on the link “Check out our 360 Distillery Tour”, which can be found on this page from the distillery website; Plan A Visit - The Bardstown Bourbon Company - A New Blend of Bourbon Makers

For further information on the distillery, please follow this link: The Bardstown Bourbon Company - A New Blend of Bourbon Makers

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