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In a new series of articles, we take a closer look at the distilleries we work with, from their location to acknowledging the awards they have received for their products.

In our second offering of this series, we bring you ‘Casey Jones Distillery.’

Site and location:

Another distillery within Kentucky, Casey Jones Distillery, is located just northeast of Hopkinsville, approximately a ten-minute drive from the center of town. It is also noted on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. The distillery offers a range of tastings and tours for the curious. From those new to the spirit to old hands, there is something for all to learn.

Over the last few years, the distillery has embarked on and continues to embark on an expansion project, increasing production capacity and creating around fifteen new jobs for the local community.

A new rickhouse (storage facility) is included in the works. With a footprint of 7,000 square feet, it can hold up to 3000 barrels of spirit.

Visitors to the distillery can enjoy the "guesthouse" expansion. The guesthouse holds the distillery shop and tasting area and can accommodate up to 25 guests at a tasting.

The main production hub of the distillery will benefit from an upgrade to the industrial stills and associated distillation equipment and increase production capability to 700+ barrels per year. The upgrades include a new 1000-gallon hybrid pot still, producing 3 barrels per run of bourbon. In addition to the pot still, a bespoke design square pot still has been commissioned and built by ‘Specific Mechanical.’ This pot still holds 200 gallons and can produce 25 gallons of spirit. Known as the "Grandfather Still," this still is exclusively for the master distiller finishing runs.

Why the “Grandfather still”?

Well, let's have a little history lesson.

During Prohibition, Casey Jones was known as Golden Ponds' master still maker. After World War 1, moonshining became a necessity, and to make high-standard moonshine, you needed a high standard still. Casey Jones was legendary in 'The Land Between the Lakes' for his stills.

For over 30 years, his stills were built and used all over Kentucky. He used copper instead of steel and had a natural gift that enabled him to know the exact requirements for each still he built. The stills were constructed in 3 parts, making them easy to move and build. The square shape also made them a favorite for moonshiners, as they could easily fit on the flatbed of a truck, so when the revenue man was on the horizon, a quick disassembly and getaway was possible.

Inspired by his grandfather, Arlon Casey Jones (AJ) now runs the distillery. To keep his grandfather’s passion and ingenuity at the core of the business, the new "Grandfather Still" is inspired by the last still Casey Jones built in 1967. That still is on display at the distillery.

The distillery website below provides more on Casey Jones's history and work.

The Range:

Total Eclipse: Two expressions were created to celebrate the total eclipse events that occurred in 2017 and 2024.

Barrel Cut: small batch single barrel and small batch double barrel expressions.

Casey Jones Bourbons: a selection of four bourbons showcasing individual mashbills.

Rye Whiskey: this is Casey Jones Distillery's first Kentucky Straight Rye.

Moonshines: a selection of three clear and three flavored moonshines, all made to a recipe that spans generations.

(Further detailed information of all these ranges can be found on the Casey Jones Distillery website, which has a link at the end of this article.)

An award-winning distillery:

Casey Jones Distillery has been making its mark at awards events since 2018 and continues to improve year on year* (to date, 2023).

Recent awards include:


Best in show: ACS* single barrel (Four grain wheated bourbon)

Gold; ACS single barrel, best in states (Four grain wheated bourbon)

Gold; ACS single barrel, best four grain (Four grain wheated bourbon)

Silver: ACS single barrel, four grain (Four grain wheated bourbon)

Silver; SFWS small batch, wheated bourbon (Four grain wheated bourbon)

Gold; ACS single barrel, bourbon whiskey (Kentucky Straight Bourbon)

Silver; ACS small batch, bourbon whiskey (Total Eclipse Bourbon)


Platinum; FMAA small batch, corn and cane (Double Barrel)

Platinum; FMAA small batch, corn and cane (Single Barrel)

Bronze; ACS small batch, specialty spirit (Single Barrel)


Gold; ACS small batch, best in state (Kentucky Straight Bourbon)

Gold; ACS small batch, bourbon whiskey (Kentucky Straight Bourbon)

Bronze; ACS small batch, specialty spirit (Double Barrel Cut)


Silver; ISA small batch, other whiskey (Single Barrel)

Bronze; ACS small batch, specialty spirit (Single Barrel)


Silver; The 50 Best Awards, small batch, best moonshines (Moonshine)

Bronze; ACS small batch, specialty spirit (Moonshine)

Casey Jones Distillery lives and breathes its proud history of spirit-making.

For further information on the distillery, please follow this link: Casey Jones Distillery

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