Women? Whiskey? Why YES!!!!

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March 8th is International Women’s Day, and March is Women’s History Month. We know women have worked in the whiskey-making industry for more than 100 years and are absolutely rocking the world of whiskey and bourbon, but do you know what they do or who they are?

In this article, we will take a quick look at an unsung American legend and review some of the whiskey distilleries that Barrel Global works with where women are integral to the running of the company.

Let’s start with a classic American brand, Dickel. Augusta Dickel, wife of George managed to keep the legacy of her husband’s work alive, by ignoring his wishes noted in his will. The will, written in 1894, instructed Augusta to sell the business at the "first favorable opportunity." Augusta instead retained her husband's share of the company and spread the word about the product in Europe, predominantly in France.

While she didn't oversee the daily production operations, her business acumen ensured that the company remained functioning. When Augusta died in 1916, the company was passed to her brother-in-law, V.E. Shwab.

Nicole Austin now runs the distillery Cascade Hollow Distilling. Appointed General Manager and Distiller in 2018, Nicole has won multiple awards, including the ‘Distillery Manager’ award from Icons of Whisky in 2021.

You could say that the quote "Well-behaved women seldom make history" (Ulrich, 1976) very much applies to Augusta Dickel.

(source: Our Story - George Dickel & How Women Shaped Whiskey History | Wine Enthusiast Magazine )

You may be wondering if any of the distilleries Barrel Global works with have women at the forefront of their businesses. The simple answer is yes.

Firstly, we have Corsair. Founded in 2008 in Bowling Green, KY., Corsair is the first craft distillery in Nashville since Prohibition. One of the co-owners is Amy Lee Bell. Amy Lee comes from an advertising background and brings her writing skills to the business through marketing. Using her previous experience writing about cocktail culture, bar, and drinks culture, she now preaches "Booze for Badasses" while promoting Corsair’s multi-award-winning spirits.

For information on Corsair, look at their website, Our Story | Corsair Distillery.

Next up, we have Revelton. Based in Iowa, the distillery was born out of a love of whiskey inspired by regular visits to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Like many, Christi Taylor and her husband, Rob, fell in love with the "variety and nuances" of whiskey. They conducted research and, with the knowledge and advice of other industry professionals, landed on setting up a business in Iowa, where the best corn comes from. Christi and Rob have made the business very much a family environment. Their daughter helps with making their award-winning gin, and all the team and suppliers who work for and with the company are treated like part of the family. The female theme within the distillery also runs as far as the equipment used to produce the spirit, with the 33ft Vendome still being called Lucy!

If you would like to know more about Revelton, click on this link:

Revelton Spirits, Born and Raised in Iowa. (reveltondistillery.com)

Next up, we have Laws Whiskey House. On the website, Laws state clearly that “At Laws, no person has the title ‘Master Distiller.’ We believe it takes the talents, smarts, quirks and obsessive passion of every Laws co-worker, aka The Village, to make our whiskey. In the Laws Village, you are part of something so much greater than self.”

What a sentiment! In March 2023, the company released the "Women of Laws" single barrel. The distillery released the expression highlighting the "talent and collaborative mindset of the Laws village.” After nosing and tasting a selection of whiskies, the team of women finally settled on barrel 2264.

Laws then took the idea a step further by nominating an organization to support using the proceeds from the sale of the spirit. Frontline Farming, a women-run farming and food-based advocacy organization, was selected.

For further information about Laws Whiskey House, the "Women of Laws" bottle release, and,  on Frontline Farming, follow this link: Women of Laws Single Barrel Release - Laws Whiskey House .

From distilling to selling, from CEO to brand ambassador,  women and whiskey have always made a formidable combination.

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